Ukrainian fascist leader: "Kill Jews and Russians" (Compilation)

Aleksandr "Svoboda" Muzychko is the chief of the Fascist party of Ukraine and also the veteran of the war in Chechnya, where he fought on the side of extreme Islamic separatists. He has very contradict personality. He is against the EU, it's to liberal for his taste, but in Kiev his fascist units ware the most aggressive pro-EU protesters, he also hates Muslims, but he fought on their side against the Russians in Chechnya, the party he led advocates zero tolerance against crime, but he was in prison for kidnapping and extortion of money, he claims that he only defend "Svoboda" of Ukrainians, but in the same time he consider the parts of Russia around the river Don, the region of Cuban and the northern Caucasus to be the part of Ukraine...
Famous quote of this weird fascist:
"We Ukrainians, we are the real Russians, the real Slavs, successors of the medieval Kievan Rus.
They, who call themselves Russians, there in Moscow, they are actually not real Russians, neither Slavs, they are Muscovites, half Jews half Tartars..."
Despite all this, he is very popular among the poorly educated and the poor people of Ukraine, and the politicians afraid of him.