Eduard Hodos converted to Orthodoxy from Judaism

Eduard Hodos - known public figure in Ukraine. In 1991 he was appointed head of the Jewish religious community in Kharkov (Ukraine). At this high office he blessed the seventh (and last) Lubavitche Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson! The same Schneerson, who in 1994 was awarded posthumously the highest award of the United States - the Congressional Gold Medal. According to the plans of the Jewish organization "Chabad" Eduard Hodos was supposed to be on the Ukrainian part of the post-Soviet space of the beholder, the Jewish baron. But ... he voluntarily gave up this high office.

Eduard Hodos argues that the coming Good vs Evil Holy War and points to the root cause - Zionism, one of the branches of which - the "Chabad" (ukrainian members like - poroshenko, kolomoysky, klichko, yarosh, e.t.c.)

He made his choice.