Kolomoysky plans to take out Lyashko.

Leaked phone call from google translate of page lifenews.ru/news/136286

Kolomoysky ordered poison Ljashko in Ukrainian media tycoon and governor of Dnepropetrovsk region gave corresponding instructions media manager Alexander Tkachenko.

In Internet hit record owner talks Ukrainian "Private Bank" Igor Kolomoisky with General Manager of TV channels "1 +1 MEDIA" Alexander Tkachenko. By phone Kolomoysky instructs Tkachenko strongly poison the air Verkhovna Rada deputy Oleg Lyashko, leader of the Radical Party of Ukraine.

Tkachenko: Hello, Igor V.;

Kolomoysky: Healthy! Do not you see that I'm calling you?

Tkachenko: As soon as I saw at once took. Threw another conversation;

Kolomoysky: Where are you?

Tkachenko: In the office;

Kolomoysky: What you wind?

Tkachenko: Out on the balcony to the people who are sitting in the room did not hear our conversation;

Kolomoysky: And who do you sit in the room?

Tkachenko: Sit our lawyers and Yarik. These m .... do not want to turn off the city of Donetsk and Lugansk and now we have them come up with a cunning plan;

Kolomoysky: Got it, got it. There is such a claim ...... in a good sense of the word, by the name of Ljashko. It's time to start ....... etc.;

Tkachenko: But he is there to direct communication, I know.

Kolomoysky: (inaudible) Liovochkin;

Tkachenko: Yeah, yeah, well;

Kolomoysky: Yes. And (inaudible) Liovochkin saddled all ...

Tkachenko saddled all n .......

Kolomoysky: Yes. Interestingly, in order to ride Ljashko b .... and all n ....... Levochkin have used .... at least be bi;

Tkachenko: Well, well, no question;

Kolomoysky: Come on, until;

Tkachenko Valerich, and are available by calling the black there a couple of questions utter ...

Kolomoysky: Score more, come;

Tkachenko: Good.

Oligrah mentions Sergei Liovochkin, which until January 2014 was Head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. After 10 minutes, after the record came on the service YouTube, it has been removed, but has spread to other video hosting.

As LifeNews reported July ninth leader of the Radical Party, Oleg Lyashko opposite tends to whitewash its reputation this week a series of Kiev PR-agencies received an order for a "cleansing" of the Internet from the videotape made in 1993, which recognized Ljashko a homosexual relationship. With the majority of the Ukrainian sites scandalous video has already been removed.