Robbery Suspect Shot by Pawn Shop Employees

Robbery Suspect Shot by Intended Victim Posted: Nov 26, 2007 Indianapolis
One man is behind bars and another is still at large after an attempted robbery at an east side pawn shop. Security cameras were rolling as workers pulled their own guns and fought back.

The incident happened in broad daylight. Both suspects entered the Universal Gold and Silver store, masked, with guns in hand.

The attempted robbery took place just after 11:30 a.m. on East 10th St.

The surveillance video then depicts the employees at the pawn shop pulling out their own guns, and opening fire.

"One of the suspects was struck in the neck with a bullet," said Sgt. Paul Thompson of the IMPD.

That suspect was 26-year-old Nurdeen Anderson. Police say Anderson was later found at Methodist Hospital where he told doctors he was shot by a stray bullet at a different location.

Police have charged Anderson with attempted armed robbery but say the other suspect is on the loose and possibly armed.

"We haven't recovered any fire arms so we are operating under the premise that the other suspect is still armed," said Thompson, "I don't know where (the suspects) got their information that (the employees) weren't armed. Maybe they didn't check this place out, I don't know. But they were definitely ready and they used their firearms to protect themselves."

Police tell us the workers at the store will not be charged with any crime