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Trophy wives a proven prize

Whether it's businessmen, politicians or entertainers, there's no shortage of rich, successful men marrying much younger women.

The assets of fame, power and big bucks, the belief goes, tend to make up for the debits of time - grey hair, paunches and assorted wrinkles.

But, according to new US research, the "success" part may not have much to do with it, either. The older a man is when he marries after 40, the greater the likelihood that his bride will be significantly younger - whether that man is wealthy and educated or not.

"If you look at guys who do marry, the poor guys marry down in age just as much as the rich guys do," said Paula England, a Stanford University sociologist and co-author of the new study.

"That was kind of surprising to us."

Men in their 40s tend to marry women who average seven years younger, and men in their 50s are marrying brides who average 11 y


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