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Electromagnetic Pulse Weapons = EMP 1/2

EMPs = The Better Bomb, yeah right..
Might not leave the gigantic Hole in the earth, might not leave bodies immediately after Detonation. However using such said devices can be worse than drop'in a MOAB.

An electromagnetic bomb or E-bomb is a weapon designed to disable electronics with an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) which can couple with electrical/electronic systems to produce damaging current and voltage surges. The effects are usually not noticeable beyond the blast radius unless the device is nuclear or specifically designed to produce an electromagnetic pulse.

The electromagnetic pulse was first observed during high altitude nuclear weapon detonations.

Electromagnetic weapons are still mostly classified and research surrounding them is highly secret. Military speculators and experts generally think that E-bombs use explosively pumped flux compression generator technology

Added: Sep-1-2007 
By: TruthSeekerr
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