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Bin Laden's Connection With The Muslim Brotherhood

On May 1, like most Americans, Auerbach can tell you right where he was when he heard the news that Osama bin Laden was dead.

But his connection to the name goes well beyond the Al Qaeda leader.

Auerbach flew as navigator, bombardier and gunner for the US Air Force in World War Two, the Berlin Air Lift and during the Cold War. “This is the first jet I ended up flying for the bin Ladens,” said Auerbach as he pointed to a picture of a jet Auerbach began flying for Mohammad bin Laden in 1966. The two met when Auerbach was in Saudi Arabia flying for Saudi Arabia Airlines.

Mohammad had dozens of wives and 54 children. Among them was Osama bin Laden. “He was the oddball. He was the rotten apple in the barrel,” Auerbach doesn’t hesitate to say when asked about this particular son.

“Osama bin Laden was different from the rest of his brothers. They must have had some relationsh

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