The Anti-Racism Is Upon Us! Beware!

I must say i am more scared of these people than racism....

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"Berkeley, CA – Feb. 24, 2015. A contingent of 60 graduate students led a
teach-in and mediation at UC Berkeley’s School of Welfare today in
response to racist comments made by a tenured professor.

were Dean Jeffery Edleson and Professor Steven Segal. The action was
organized in support of 25 graduate students enrolled in Segal’s Mental
Health Policy course, which must be completed this semester by all
students in the Community Mental Health concentration. On Feb. 10, 2015,
students advocated to end class early due to offensive and racist
comments made by the professor regarding the Black Lives Matter
movement. The day prior, Segal had been invited by students to
participate in a school-wide conversation meant to create a safe space
for students to share ideas for how the social work profession could be
accountable to the movement. During class on Feb. 10, Segal, a tenured
white professor, began by sharing statistics citing Black on Black crime
as the real cause of harm to the Black community. He then encouraged
the class to join him in a rap that he wrote the night before, claiming
that he had been inspired after attending the Black Lives Matter event
the prior evening. The rap he shared in class caused great offense to
students, with lyrics that stated the movement, “needed to stop
scapegoating the cops.” The professor also silenced students who
questioned and pushed back on his reasoning.

Later that day, Dean
Edleson e-mailed a school-wide announcement addressing the incident and
formally issued a complaint with the Office of Diversity, Equity and
Inclusion. On Feb. 12, Professor Segal issued an apology to the class
if he had caused any offense by his comments and that this was not his

After the incident, students quickly organized to
generate a list of demands, including mediation. After several letters
and meetings requesting such, mediation was not offered by School of
Social Welfare administration. Students were afforded two options: to
attend an alternate class with a new professor on a different day, or to
continue in Segal’s class as usual. Students who were unable to attend
the alternate class due to scheduling conflicts remained without a
solution. In addition, a healing circle was scheduled the week following
the event. After receiving this news, students requested a mediator or a
“harm” circle to be advocated for and offered from the University’s
Ombudsman’s office. The request was again denied. Students then began to
strategize alternate actions to make the classroom safe in order to

A group of Social Welfare students, who were not in the
class, organically came together to support Community Mental Health
students who had been at a loss for ways to move forward.

in Segal’s class met with Dean Edleson on Feb. 23 to discuss their
continued concerns preceding their expected return to either class
option that week. The following day, Segal planned to proceed with his
class, business as usual. Dean Edleson was present to ensure a smooth
transition back to course objectives. Student organizers met on steps of
Haviland Hall where they hung a banner that read, “School of Social
Welfare: Striving to Maintain Oppression Since 1944.” At the start of
the class, students marched into the building singing “Requiem for Mike
Brown” inspired by October’s protests at Saint Louis Symphony. Students
Karen Navarro, Vanessa Coe and Erika O’Bannon facilitated the
discussion, which focused on identifying problems and envisioning
solutions. Students are seeking individual accountably for Segal
regarding his actions, which includes attending an anti-racism training
and issuing a public apology acknowledging the harm caused by his
actions. Students also called for school-wide policy changes, namely
developing a strategic plan that addresses faculty incompetence in
facilitating discussions about power, privilege and oppression in their
classrooms and academedia, limited course content on progressive social
change, abysmal efforts to diversify the student body, and an
institutional disconnect with local communities. Dean Edleson agreed to
co-develop the strategy with student organizers, who asked for him to
initiate action."


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