Ukrop crime. War hits Donetsk Hard. Child Killed in Ukraine Artillery Attack

Last 24 hour were the heavest artiery attacks on Donetsk. Over ukrop 30 shells were louched into Donetsk from Ukraine controlled territory. Over 10 homes were damaged as a result. 3 civilians injured and 1 child was killed. The woman at 2:00 says clearly who keep shelling Donetsk..she said " shells come from Avdeevka direction, it is defintelly not DNR i think it is Ukrainian army that fires at us.." P.L asks "Is any army here?" "no here are only civilians" she continues "I don´t understand why Ukrainian army is bombing their own people..."



By: ethicon (19460.30)

Tags: Patrick Lancaster, Ukraine Artillery Attack,Donetsk ,Ukraine war,Child Killed,

Location: Ukraine

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