Man charged with sex act on stuffed horse inside Walmart

Wal Mart was made for the trash that live in florida..

Brooksville police have arrested and charged a 19-year-old man in a troubling
case of alleged indecent exposure.
Police accuse Sean Johnson of entering a Walmart on Broad Street and
committing a sex act on a stuffed horse. Police released an image of the alleged
stuffed horse.

It was all caught on surveillance video, and police say he admitted to it.
Johnson is now charged with indecent exposure and criminal mischief.
After committing the act inside the store with the stuffed horse, police say
Johnson was observed putting the item back on the shelf around other items.

As a result, police say the items were "contaminated and unsellable."

Officers tracked Johnson down after he fled the area.

He was booked in the Hernando County jail on $1,500 bond