heavy rain floods french part of Switzerland - train crashes into mudflow

amateur captures the moments after a almost stationary thunderstrom cell with heavy rainfall hits the town of Moudon and Lucens in the Broye district of the french-speaking part in Switzerland.

The old town of Moudon was almost completely flooded, serveral streets including the Highway 1 had to be closed down. A train also hit a mudflow - the railway between Payerne and Palézieux is closed for at least one week.

Exact amount of damage is still unknown.

More information:
www.24heures.ch/vaud-regions/nord-vaudois-broye/ligne-cff-co (french)
www.20min.ch/schweiz/news/story/18262759 (german)
www.thelocal.ch/20130610/torrential-rain-floods-centre-of-va (english)