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American Experience- Battle of Bulge Part 9 of 9

The psychological effect of warfare on troops in combat. Whether World war 2, vietnam, iraq, korea. The psychological effects are the same some troops are more suceptible to such incidents.
During world war 2 more extreme measures were used to get troops back to the front faster

The production level of nazi germany PEAKED in 1944 for ammunition, tanks, and battlefield equipment. The attack came as a complete surprise and a Massive intelligence failure and almost cost the Western front

The Ardennes offensive was planned in total secrecy, in almost total radio silence. Although Ultra, the Allies’ reading of secret German radio messages, suggested a possible German offensive, and the United States Third Army predicted a major German offensive, the attack still achieved surprise. The degree of surprise achieved was compounded by the Allies' overconfidence, their preoccupation with t

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