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From Putin to Putin: democracy the Russian way

Most Russians seem to welcome the stability their leader provides, but others count its cost, Helen Womack reports from Moscow.

"IT'S their internal affair," said Russian President Vladimir Putin suavely, commenting on street protests that had erupted in neighbouring Georgia. He paused before smacking his hand on the table and adding: "God forbid we should follow that model of democracy here in Russia."

This week, the Kremlin leader moved to ensure Russia will know none of the messiness of the Rose Revolution in Georgia or the Orange Revolution in Ukraine. Instead, there will be a seamless transition from Putin to Putin: democracy the Russian way.

Judging from the thunderous applause at the United Russia party congress on Monday, when Mr Putin said it was "entirely realistic" for him to become prime minister when he is obliged, under the constitution, to give up the presidency n


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