Store Hit in Grenade Attack

Two unidentified men threw a grenade into a store in St. Petersburg on Wednesday, injuring two people.

“The men opened the door to the store, threw an explosive device inside and ran away,” said Vyacheslav Stepchenko, spokesman for the St. Petersburg police. Stepchenko said that the police were still investigating whether the device was a grenade or some other kind of explosive.

The store, which sells halal meat, is located about 30 meters from the central gates of the city’s main mosque.

Two people suffered shrapnel injuries. A woman was injured in the arm, while a man sustained a leg wound. Both people were taken to hospital, but their injuries were not serious, Stepchenko said. He said the police were searching for the perpetrators.

The city prosecutor’s office said it was investigating a variety of motives for the crime, including extremism.

A representative of the city’s Islamic Council, who asked not to be identified, said his organization didn’t believe the attack had “any religious motives” against Muslims.

“Trade, including this Muslim store, has nothing to do with spiritual practices. Therefore we think the attack could have commercial motives,” the representative said.

He doubted that the attack could have had any nationalist motives.