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Death Threats for Muslim Critic of Muslim Intolerance...

Son of Imam Blames Islam for Backwardness of Muslim World; Receives Death Threats

A Muslim author living in Germany, the son of an Egyptian Imam, dares to criticize Islam, and other Muslims issue death threats. This on the heels of the governor of Punjab being killed for denouncing Pakistan's blasphemy law, the same law that would probably be used against this author if he were unfortunate enough to live in Pakistan. It's a wonder we don't hear more people in the Islamic world speak critically of Islam...

Hamad 'Abd-al-Samad: I Consider Islam Part of the Problem in the Islamic World, 6 Jan 2011, (link to Arabic)

What would the world lose if the Islamic nations disappeared from the map? Almost nothing, says Hamad 'Abd-al-Samad, and he adds that the Islamic world has stopped innovating, and become a burden on the civilized nations. Indeed it has become a breeding gr

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