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The Miracle In The Atom 2

In the world in which we live, mankind is caught up in a continuous search for the answers to many questions like what?, how? and in what way?, and can make but little headway in answering them. It is unlikely for man to make his way to the truth unless he asks himself the question why? about the extraordinary order and balance with which he interacts.
In this film, we will deal with the subject of the atom, the groundwork of every animate and inanimate thing. After seeing what occurs and in what way it occurs with regards to the atom, we will seek the answers to the question why? The answer to this question will take us to the truth we pursue.
Since the first half of the 19th century, hundreds of scientists worked day and night to reveal the secrets of the atom. These studies that uncovered the form, motion, structure and other properties of the atom shattered the very grounds of

Added: Jan-30-2008 
By: harunyahya
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