Man steals SUV with baby sleeping inside,almost runs down mother

CCTV:ST. PETERSBURG March 23/08:Police hope the release of surveillance footage from a weekend car theft will help catch a man they say stole an SUV with a sleeping baby inside.

The 7-month-old was dropped off in the Roser Park neighborhood and recovered safely short after the theft, police said. The abandoned SUV was recovered near 24th Avenue and Eighth Street S.

Police said Anita Marie Williams, 41, left her sleeping baby in the SUV and walked up to a pickup window at Salem's Gyros, 1735 34th St. S around 3:45 p.m. Saturday. The video released this morning shows the suspect walk through the parking lot, glance at Williams, and double back on the sidewalk.

Soon after, the SUV speeds away.

The footage also shows Williams falling onto the pavement after jumping on the SUV's hood in an effort to stop it from driving out of the lot.