Ukraine: Lvov march honours Nazi volunteers

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W/S Girls holding flowers at head of march
M/S Girl with flowers
W/S Marchers, chanting (Ukrainian): "Glory to Ukraine, Glory to the heroes"
M/S Man at protest (Ukrainian): "They are provocateurs, they pour the water on Russia's mill wheel!"
M/S Man with loudhailer
M/S Girls with flowers
W/S March
SOT Woman addressing march (Ukrainian): "I'm asking you, please don't be scared, we mustn't ease up. A revolution is going on, if we ease up we won't get good results from this revolution."
M/S Men holding insignia of 14th Grenadier Waffen-SS division
W/S Crowd chanting
M/S Men arguing
W/S Man holding Ukraine flag
SOT Sergiej Zubanenko, chief of the Lvov Police (Ukrainian): "Information about possible provocations was found in social media and mass media, but we haven't found any evidence."
W/S Lvov


Ukraine: Lvov march honours Nazi volunteers

Members and supporters of the Svoboda party joined a march in Lvov on Sunday commemoration of the 14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS, initially formed from Ukrainian volunteer fighters with the Nazi army.

Right-wing nationalist groups including the Right Sector party have declined to take part in the march.

The division, which was formed in 1943, became part of the Ukrainian National Army after the retreat of Nazi forces from Ukraine, before surrendering to Allied forces on May 10 1945. The division has been accused of carrying out numerous atrocities, including the destruction of Polish communities in Western Ukraine and massacring civilians during "anti-guerrilla" actions.

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