Hamas Hiding Behind Women & Children

Hamas terrorists have desperately fled their hideouts to mix in with women and children in maternity wards and preschools in an attempt to increase civilian casualties. Weapons have been placed on the roofs of schools and especially hospitals for disabled children.

Israel has destroyed large caches of Iranian supplied Grad rockets supplied by Iran that were stored in Mosques and so Hamas is desperate to find a hiding place where Israel will be reluctant to strike - schools, hospitals and nurseries fit this bill nicely.

Hamas terrorists often shoot from positions behind women and children and even shoot through the legs of willing civilians as shown in the attached photograph of a large Russian SPG rocket being fired through the legs of a non-combatant.

Hamas also makes use the "Somali Foxhole" against Israeli soldiers. A "Somali Foxhole" is simply a sniper laying on the ground in prone position hidden from view by his position underneath a woman holding a baby. The sniper is hidden by her dress or Abbayah/Chador/Burkha. This is usually done from a doorway. Israeli soldiers have been trained to avoid civilian casualties, and so do not shoot at women with children in their arms. This reluctance results in them being shot by the sniper.