Idlib Province; Terrorists have close call with huge bomb landing hundred meters away.

The Syrian Army is rapidly marching on the Idlib axis toward the Southern tip of Aleppo countryside, with support from RuAF and syAAF. After capturing Sinjar the next target is Abu Ad Duhar airbase this is the last road the terrorists have to escape from South west Aleppo countryside if they do not evacuate soon they will be surrounded and cut off from supply lines all the while having to fight the SAA and ISIS at the same time, moral is really low for the terrorists they had many chances to advance the Syrian Army are by-passing their strong defenses in Al Latiminah and Morak and taking the current route to significantly reduce the front line by 3 times. See map in comments. Artound a dozen towns and their civilian population raised the Syrian flags and expelled the militants, SAA entered these towns this morning and took control to the joy of the civilians.


By: MacDuff (2909.60)

Tags: SAA, NDF, Syria, Idlib, Terrorists, syAAF,

Location: Idlib, Syria

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