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8 Years Ago: Chechens Take Hostages in Moscow Theater PART I

The terrorists demands toward the Russian government were to withdraw all Russian Armed Forces from Chechnya. The deadline given by them was one week, after which they would start killing the hostages.

When they were told that the withdrawal of troops was unrealistic within the short period, that it was a very long process, the terrorists put forward the demand to withdraw Russian troops from anywhere in the Republic of Chechnya without specifying which area it was.

The hostage-takers demanded termination of the use of artillery and air forces in Chechnya starting the next day, although the use of both artillery and air strikes had become something extremely rare in Chechnya already in 2001.

The Chechen terrorists used Arabic names among themselves, not the Chechen names they had been given by their parents, and the female terrorists wore Arab-style burqa clothes which are highl

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