Black Man Killed By Police - Crowd Goes Wild

Accounts differ about how Carlton Wayne “Chimmy” Smith, 20, came to be holding a handgun when police responding to a call about a crowd arrived at a notorious nightclub early Friday morning. Police said Smith had been firing into the crowd leaving H.T.’s Lounge as a Christmas bash was ending about 1:30 a.m. Some friends and relatives said Smith had taken the gun away from another
person, who had been shooting into the air,. but police and witnesses agree Smith was holding the gun when the officers arrived.

The club’s owner had called police because people were slow to leave and were lingering in the parking lot, Capt. Joe Stanton said. Three officers arrived to find 100 or more people and a disturbance, Stanton said. Soon, they heard gunshots, Stanton said.

A six-year veteran patrol officer confronted Smith and warned him to drop the gun, police officials said. He turned, pointing the pistol at the officer, who fired, killing Smith, police said. Officials have not said how many shots the officer fired. The shooting led some people in the crowd to throw rocks and other objects at the police.

Carlton "Chimmy" Smith