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Scientology "Bull-Baiting" 102

July 3, 1999

My quest for the ultimate Ferris Wheel ride continues as I return to L. Ron Hubbard Way for Day Two of my attempt to walk down a public street. Joining me were critics Zinjifar and Barb.

Dan Murnan comes up with a new blocking move. It seems clear that meetings were held to discuss how to handle the presence of my camera

The following afternoon, Dan Murnan and Mark Perkins came to my apartment building and tried to find which apartment was mine. My neighbor told me "two old friends from out of state" came by asking about me. They also wanted to speak with the building manager. I showed my neighbor some videotape of Dan and Mark and he identified them immediately.

The neighbor had even pointed out my car to them so they knew I was home but they didn't bother to knock on my door. I assume that "my old friends from out of state" must have been too tuckered

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