LG Smart AD - TVs and fridges spying on you

LG Smart TVs are spying on its users.

They log every channel and show you watch, your online behavior, search keywords and even the file names on external usb drives. All this data is send to LG servers whenever you switch a channel. This function is enabled by default and even if you set the "Collection of watching info" option to "Off" your TV continues to log and send the data to LG.

Confronted with this by Heise-Security LG admitted that they had plans to implement it but never really used it. So they say.

The strange thing is...LG had a whole website set up to promote exactly this functionality to companies. The site was taken offline after the first media reports appeared (lgsmartad.com/). It is unknow if and for how long LG has collected all this data. This the video which they showed on the website to advertise the functions that LG "never completely implemented".

lgsmartad.com/ (offline now)