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Palestinian TV - Child Martyrs Get Amusement Parks!

State-run Palestinian TV aired this clip to encourage children to martyr themselves. Is it no wonder children are killed in the conflict? No other society on earth wishes for their childrens' death, but islamic societies consider it an honor - to both the martyr and the family - when a child is killed.

The boy in this clip is supposed to be Muhammad al-Dura.

He was killed by Palestinians to be used as a propaganda tool against Israel. His death was videotaped (see link below) and blamed on IDF forces nearby.

Evidence later proved the bullets could not have come from the IDF outpost, but rather from an area where several Palestinian militants were.

The Staged Death of Muhammad al-Dura:

Another documentary proving the Palestinians killed him only to demonize the IDF:

Must see vi

Added: Feb-21-2010 
By: DMartyr
Middle East
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