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Al Nusra blowing up civilian houses in Tall Abayd.
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Al Nusra blowing up several houses belonging to civilian kurds in Tall Abayd, a etnickly mixed border town.

Previously i sumited a film where Al nusra blew up Gela House. *A house belonging to PYD. Some fucktards here argued that it in fact belonged to the government and therefore was a legitimate target, as if it was not enough capturing the whole fucking town and driving out every loyalist, but now the "saviors of the syrian people" is forced to blow up infrastructure just because they allegedly belonged to loyalists.

I wonder how the fucktards will legitimate this action? Im pretty sure that some Jihadist idiot will come here and say that I am spreading propaganda, and those houses belongs to "infidels" or "Kafr".

But the films and a lot of other sources claim that this terrorists are ethnically cleansing this city of kurds.

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By: Azadi
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