RAW VIDEO: Man Attacks Cab Driver...Hate Crime?

Surveillance video catches a 20-year-old man attack a cab driver.Bus Driver Blocks Traffic During Cab Driver Attack On I-5,November 29, 2007
RENTON, Wash. -- Police said the man accused of attacking a cab driver Saturday had been told to leave a football game because he was intoxicated prior to getting in the victim?s cab.

Luis Vazquez, 20, was kicked out of the Apple Cup game at Seattle?s Husky Stadium because police said he was so drunk that he was a danger to other fans. Although the man was under legal drinking age, a Seattle police officer never cited Vazquez and instead ordered a cab driver, 48-year-old Sukhvir Singh, to drive him home, Singh said.

As the cab was leaving the University District, Singh was bitten, punched, kicked, and had his hair pulled out by his passenger, who repeatedly called him an Iraqi terrorist, Singh said.

His passenger is also accused of tearing the turban off Singh?s head while Singh was on Interstate 5 driving Vasquez to his home in Kent.

Singh said he is Indian, not Iraqi, and that his Sikh faith requires him to wear a turban.

Singh?s attorney, Hardeep Singh Reckhi, said that even after his client got out of his cab in the middle of I-5 to escape the attack, he never fought back.

Metro bus driver Dave Eagleson stopped his bus behind Singh?s cab.

?He was beating him pretty brutally but he was in his bare feet, oddly enough. I don?t know what that was all about,? Eagleson said.

Eagleson was driving an articulated bus, which he moved to block traffic and protect the two men.

Eagleson had nearly 100 passengers, many of whom wanted to help, but Eagleson wouldn?t allow them off the bus.

?If I?d a opened the door, I would have had people all over the freeway, and our biggest thing is safety first with the people. I just told them to remain on the bus, and I was calling police,? Eagleson said.

When asked if he was proud of his actions, he said, ?No. I just did my job. In fact I was a little bit ashamed not being able to get out and help.?

Singh's attorney said local Sikh children often suffer in silence as targets of hate.

?They are harassed, called ?Osama? and there?s even been incidents of eggs being thrown at students, so these kinds of things occur here,? said Reckhi.

On Wednesday, the local Sikh community and the public attended a candlelight vigil at the Sikh place of worship in Renton.

Singh is currently in the Valley General Hospital in Renton. His attorney said Singh is experiencing chest pain from being hit there and having kidney issues, which he believes are related to the attack.

Seattle police said they are trying to determine which of their officers decided to put the drunken man in the cab instead of arresting him.