Meth Head Gets Banned From Store

Notorious meth head thief and i assume prostitute, thinks my beer store is her home where she can just use the phone and bathroom and come and go as she pleases has crossed the line today. I was in 7/11 earlier this morning and she walks by me and pricked my back with a sewing needle from her own admission. I asked her if she just pricked me with something and she admitted it was a sewing needle, not sure if she was joking or not. It didn't feel like a finger nail or a pinch though.

I returned to my store and scrubbed with lysol spray, lol. I was debating whether to call the cops or not but i will most likely issue her a notice of trespassing if she continues to come around again. I'll go back to 7/11 tomorrow to see if they can replay the footage for me.



By: William Hickorus (183.70)

Tags: liveleakers, meth head, junkie, thief, scum, beer store, philly,

Location: Germany