Ukrainian Air Force Captain VLADISLAV VOLOSHIN Accused of Shooting Down Malaysian Boeing MH17

Malaysian Boeing 777 was shot down over eastern Ukraine by the Ukrainian Air Force's Su-25 attack aircraft. This was stated to "Komsomolskaya Pravda" by a former employee of the Dnepropetrovsk airbase.

The witness claims to have seen the plane armed with a missile of class air-to-air that had flown a mission on the day of the MH17 disaster in the area of anti-terrorist operations in the Donetsk region.

"In the afternoon [July 17], about an hour before the shoot down of the Malaysian Boeing, three Su-25 took off on a mission. The precise time I don't recall. One of the aircrafts was equipped with a missiles of class air-to-air. The planes were Su-25's " said the witness, whose name has been withheld by the publication.

"Only one of the aircrafts made it back to the base - the one that had initially been armed with the air-to-air missile, which was now missing. The other two planes, I learned, had apparently been shot down."

The witness is then asked whether he recognized and could name the pilot.
"It was Capt. Voloshin. Vladislav, I think, is his first name. He seemed very scared, frightened and appeared to be acting inadequately. With the other two planes getting shot down, he might've mistaken the Boeing for an attacking combat aircraft."

According to the witness - immediately upon exiting the cabin, Voloshin was heard saying "Not the right plane." Later in the same day, on the issue of the aircraft, he replied, "Wrong place, wrong time".
The witness also said that the missiles installed on the Su-25 had previously been written off, but a week before the disaster, their service was extended to "urgently".

When asked, the witness did not rule out the possibility the pilot could've confused the Boeing with a combat aircraft.

"At the distance he probably couldn't make out the type of aircraft," he said, explaining that the missile range is upwards of 10 kilometres.