Federal Lawsuit after Guy Tasered 6 Times for not Complying after Routine Traffic Stop

On May first Bruce Harper was stopped by a Davis County Sheriff's Deputy.

Harper was pulled over because his front license plate wasn't hanging properly.

"Stay in your car, stay in your car."

This what the sheriff’s deputy yelled at Harper.

But Harper didn't stay in the car.

The officer then drew his gun and suddenly it was on.

In fact, more than sixty times, the officer told Harper to turn around.

And more than a dozen times, Harper asked the Davis County Sheriff's Deputy why he was being stopped.

At one point, Harper even asked, "Are you going to shoot me?

Harper was tasered once with shooting electrodes.

Then, reportedly, according to testimony at his trial, Harper was tasered at least five or six more times with the taser held directly against him.

Mark Flores: "He was certain at that point he was going to die. That his heart was just going to explode and he was going to die."

Harper was charged with what his attorney calls “resisting arrest.”

But at trial a few weeks ago, a jury acquitted him of that charge.

His attorney now says he will file a federal lawsuit against those involved for allegedly violating Harper's civil rights.

Mark Flores: "I still find it unbelievable that someone can get pulled over for a crooked front license plate... and somehow ends up getting tasered six times."

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