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911 - Top FBI man confirms "inside Job"
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Former top man in FBI LA confirms that CIA and FBI were behind Sept 11th - Commentary starts off with some info from 1993.

This guy was in Charge of 7000 men and had a 22 million dollar budget. So tell me - do you really think this FBI man is lier ? he's on drugs right? he's in prison? he's a Pedo? he's retarded maybe? He doesn't say all that much.

There are good sides and bad sides in this world, it is not a question of whether they exist. Just realise that there are people out there who will do anything they want and then there's people who will stop them.

And then there's the majority - the fence sitters, with no real opinion

Still on the fence after 10 years of lies? still afraid to commit in case you're wrong. Whats wrong is that you never commit to an opinion of your own.

well we're not worried about you fence sitters. Its time to start mobilizing the population


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By: OwenHiggins
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