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The Evil

Science fiction - Below, a story i'm writing., your thoughts of interest.

what if a power existed which made men mad... . which made sociopaths crave war.. gave us temporary amnesia. ... but yet made the feeling of love exist.

The ancients called it a yin and yang.

I don't live in a world of "what if" , Either do you

Every 11 years, 33 years and 29,000years the sun does some strange things with its fields. Its inner dynamo Spins up and down as more regular than a quartz crystal. . This winding up and down of the dynamo causes all sorts of different effects on planets, tectonic plates and also on us humans.

During lulls in this power output, problems occur with certain types of humans ... we call them sociopaths.

From my perspective, the sun acts like one big Anti depressant, not just with its natural light and heat b

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By: OwenHiggins
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