Syrian Army clear more zones in Aleppo city 26/4 - 28/4 (6 Videos)

Syrian Army Taken Al Matahen zone, Shaykh Najjarn and al-Ramouseh in east of Aleppo city also doing artillery shells against Zionist backed Al Qaeda terrorists in Alatareb -

The Offensive Happens the days 25, 26, 27 and 28.. Sectarians beheaders get at least 200 causalities as minimum estimated probability more ... West backed Al Qaeda rats just doing mortar attacks and tunnel bombs killing 40 and wounded 200+ all civilians and important damage in city infrastructure...

Days before the JEWhadists using many Chechen doing some terror shits but with non minimum substantials progress.

In the east of Aleppo Al Qaeda + others terrorists groups are in clashed with ISIL terrorists every the time it make seems it made the west backed Al Qaeda JEWhadists positions vulnerable

On last video the Lebanese TV Al Madayeen claim the Army advanced in zones near the Palace of Justice but the images who they showing are from Rural Damascus.

1) 27/4 Sy Sama TV
2) 27/4 Leb Al Alam TV
3) 26/4 Sy TV
4) 28/4 Sy Tv
5) 27/4 Leb Al Alam TV
6) 28/4 Leb Al Manar

There is another from SAMA TV but is in Blu Ray Quality ........