Known Russian people's thoughts about Ukraine and Russia. Vol. 1

Yulia Latynina
analyst of "Echo of Moscow"
opinion programs

........ Whole policy of Russia is unfortunately built farther and farther on the idea that the world is driven by some dark forces that we are honest people must fight back.

After all that has happened in Ukraine, is the tragedy of the Russian-Ukrainian war, that under Yanukovych Ukraine was completely soaked with Russian agents that Ukrainian law enforcers is not clear who served as Ukraine or the Kremlin; and suddenly there was the Maidan. The Kremlin has decided that all this is the work the United States, and the question arise: How is it? This was our state, this state our security services controlled from the bottom up, that's how the parasite controls Sacculina crab, in which it is populated - and we have missed those damned American agents who acted even thinner!

And then there was a situation absolute qui pro quo, because the Kremlin has organized in the Donetsk and Lugansk what he thought the United States was organized on Independence. And when the Kremlin demanded that the Americans: "Give us the Ukraine," Americans do not know what, it, because they can give her, if they did not take it. Next came the rise. If you look at the speech of Putin, there, for example, says that Americans use Islamic extremists, but it echoes, apparently, those conspiracy theories that now roam in the Kremlin, because now we are told that ISIS - it here's Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant type did the Americans because they want chaos in the Middle East. And why did they fight Ebola in Africa? Because they want to capture the whole of Africa. However, Africa is already captured by the Chinese..................


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