Banned White Phosphorus Used On Gaza

Banned under the Geneva convention for being classed a Chemical Weapon,White Phosphorus is being used by IDF in a similar way to US forces in the Fallujah,Iraq siege that was sparked by the Fallujah residents dragging the charred and mutilated Blackwater Security team's bodies around the town behind a truck,then the little that remained of these men was hung from a bridge in the city.White phosphorus is allowed to be used militarily in smoke grenades, used as cover from snipers and for illumination when dispersed into the air from artillery,mortar or launched from an appropriate aerial platform.After Fallujah there where cases of deaths recorded that could not be attributed to gunshot wounds or fragmentation leading some Iraqi Doctors wondering where they the "field trial" for a microwave weapon or chemical attack.It seemed that WP had been used on Fallujah but only for "illumination purposes" and in accordance with with U.N. guidelines it seems.The more difficult the insurgency becomes the quicker such options may be put on the table


By: jpsl (138.00)

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Location: Haifa, Israel

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