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"Hudaibiya" - Islamic practice of lying to Infidels

Hudaibiya is a truce Mohammad made with a certain Jewish tribe of Banu Quraizah, wherein Mohammad ordered Muslims to lie to the Jews and say they renounced Islam so they could infiltrate as spies, and setup and ambush to break the truce.

Here is the history behind the practice of "Hudaibiya".

After the battle of the Trench in 5 A.H. (627 C.E.), the Quraish did not give battle to the murderous band of the first Muslims that surrounded Mohammed at Medina. So Mohammed decided that it was time for him to launch a Jihad against the Quriash. He cleverly disguised this as a Hajj (a pre-Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca) that he wanted to perform in the season in the year 6 A.H. (628 C.E.). When Mohammed and his band of one thousand followers arrived at Hudaibiya near Mecca after taking an out of the way route, so as to evade being spotted by the Quraish, the Quraish got the shock of their lives

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