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What Satan, the Devil, and Sickness looks like in Islam

Have you ever wondered what Satan, the Devil, looks like? He has "inflamed eyes" in Islamic text.

Here it is:

Sahih Ishaq:243 quotes

"I heard the Apostle say: 'Whoever wants to see Satan should look at Nabtal!' He was a BLACK man with long flowing hair, inflamed eyes, and dark ruddy cheeks.... Allah sent down concerning him."

[9:61] "Gabriel came to Muhammad and said, 'If a black man comes to you his heart is more gross than a donkey's.'"

Muhammad owned slaves and was a slave trader and owner.

In Islamic text the Devil or Satan is described as a black man, sickness is a black woman, but Muhammad is written as white. The classic racist white is good, while black is consider bad or evil scenario.

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