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ABC: Americans Want To Be Surveilled

Poll indicates majority want to give up liberty for security

An ABC poll has revealed that two thirds of Americans are willing to accept heightened government intrusion on privacy and support the increased use of surveillance cameras to solve crime.

ABC states that 71 percent of Americans favor the increased use of surveillance cameras, while 25 percent oppose it.

Critics, such as the American Civil Liberties Union, have opposed such systems, arguing that they invade privacy, and could be used to track innocent people. Nonetheless, majority support for surveillance cameras crosses political, ideological and population groups, albeit with differences in degree, the reports suggests.

The report makes reference to London's surveillance network, known as the "Ring of Steel," which is said to have aided in the capture of suspects, including those accused of a pair of attempted c

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Added: Jul-30-2007 
By: Arrogance666
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