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Russian Beauties turned into Sex Slaves in Europe and Israel

Sex Savory is booming and no one really care. Even the Media doesn't talk about it. Governments do not stop it or even set better rules to confront the smugglers!!
It is estimated 500 000 women are smuggled as Sex Slave per year. The majority of them from Ukraine, Andorra and Russia. And they are being smuggled to Israel, Germany, UK, Italy and other European countries and UAE.
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The girls are promised for high-paid jobs on abroad as waitress, nanny, nurse… and after their arrival, their passports are stolen and they being used as Sex slaves working almost for nothing. They are locked in apartments with barred windows and forced to work as prostitute. They are sometimes forced to 18 hours a day 7 days a week. They don’t receive any medical care and not even adequate food. They are being physically and mentally abused.
It is interesti

Added: Nov-9-2009 
By: Peraj
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