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Without US there'd be hell to pay

HATE George W. Bush? Wish the US would just butt out of everywhere? Well, be careful what you wish for. You might just get it. And you may not like it when it happens.

The Lowy Institute for International Policy has released its annual poll surveying Australians on foreign policy and global affairs. The release of the poll last week gave commentators enough time to predictably crow about the findings: a waning regard among Australians for ANZUS, the growing negative feelings Australians have towards the US and the fact that more Australians think it would be a good thing if the US becomes significantly less politically powerful.

It seems increasing numbers of Americans agree. As Dick Morris, a former adviser to Bill Clinton has remarked, isolationism runs deep in the American body politic. Periods of outward engagement by the US - in the Korean War, Vietnam and the Cold War - were


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