Naked Chicago Man Goes On Drug Fueled Rampage

911 calls on Monday 07/24 evening were made saying a naked man in his 20s appeared to be high on acid, although police did not confirm, when he cut his own penis off. Big guy then began vandalizing parked cars and taunting witnesses near the intersection of Grace Street and Drake Avenue in the Irving Park community of Chicago, next to John B Murphy Elementary, before being tased multiple times by responding officers.

The middle-class community of Irving Park which has some of the lowest reported crimes in the city are overseen by the Jefferson Park (16th) and Albany Park (17th) Police Districts. Both have some of the lowest of sworn officers, 25.6 and 8.4 per square mile respectively, as officers are shuffled to more violent districts like the (15th) Austin where there are as many as 91.7 officers per square mile.



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