The Military release the names of 4 killed in Arizona chopper crash

The Marines have released the names of the four men killed in the crash of a search-and-rescue helicopter near Yuma.

Among the dead are two Marine pilots, a crew chief and a Navy corpsman.

The pilots are 35-year-old Major Cesar Y. Freitas and 33-year-old Captain Bradley E. Walters. The crew chief is Sergeant Charles L. Osgood, 27, and the Navy medic is 25-year-old Brendon O. Sandburg.

The Marines did not release their hometowns.

The lone survivor of the crash is 21-year-old Marine Lance Corporal Brian D. Stahlhut. He's in fair condition at Yuma Regional Medical Center with undisclosed injuries.

The chopper was on a routine training mission out of the Marine Corps Air Station in Yuma when it went down Thursday near the Colorado River. Searchers found the wreckage yesterday.

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