Security Cam Shows Developmentally-Disabled Man Sucker Punched

A developmentally-disabled man was assaulted while getting off of a Metro bus, according to surveillance footage released on Wednesday.

The incident occurred at around noon on Sept. 17 as the man was getting off the Route 7 bus, which runs from downtown Seattle to Rainier Beach.

Howard Hui was getting off at the stop at Rainier and McClellan when he was hit with a roundhouse right. Hui fell and struck his head on a window ledge. He lay on the ground, his head bleeding and jaw fractured, while some causally got on the bus.

The story began minutes later in downtown Seattle when Raymel Curry, the suspect in the attack, got on the bus. Passengers say he rapped, chanting, "I'm God and I'm Jesus." Hui may have looked at him.

On the footage, the suspect is seen pounding his fist, then saying, "That's what I'm going to do."

This image shows the man police have identified as Raymel Curry.
He walks to a bus camera and says, "I'm going to jail. I ain't running."

Back at his seat, the man is heard saying, "Yeah, they are going to get me for assault four, but I'm going to beat your (expletive)." The words are muffled and hard to understand.

Then at Rainier and McClellan, the suspect is seen carrying out that threat. He then ran, but police identified him using the footage.

Raymel is being held at King County Jail under investigation of second-degree assault.

Hui suffered a broken jaw and several facial fractures. He is recovering at home, but may need additional surgeries.

Metro says it's making progress the number of assaults down 40 percent in a year.

"Right now, there's a total of 479 camera coaches in service, which is about one-third of the fleet. And that's given us an edge," said Maj. Dave Juntilla, Metro's police commander.

Metro urges riders to report any suspicious behavior on the bus to the driver immediately.