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Blood Jacket, High Res 

This is a higher resolution video of the jacket that supposedly had blood stains on the back.


The blood stains are described as 4 small stains deposited in a linear pattern.

There are a number of factors that determine how a liquid stain deposits on a surface, including a) the angle of the surface b) the cohesiveness and viscosity of the liquid and c) the porousness of the surface.

a) To deposit 4 drops in a perfectly linear pattern the surface must be perpendicular to the ground. At 90 degrees the liquid can disperse into smaller drops but at a little more or less than 90 degrees it will not. You can pour a glass of water onto a window and it will disperse into thousands of drops. But if the window is angled out the water will only touch the top, and if it is angled in then other factors like the amount of water and the porousness of the surface come into play.

b) Bl

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