Blood Jacket, High Res

This is a higher resolution video of the jacket that supposedly had blood stains on the back.


The blood stains are described as 4 small stains deposited in a linear pattern.

There are a number of factors that determine how a liquid stain deposits on a surface, including a) the angle of the surface b) the cohesiveness and viscosity of the liquid and c) the porousness of the surface.

a) To deposit 4 drops in a perfectly linear pattern the surface must be perpendicular to the ground. At 90 degrees the liquid can disperse into smaller drops but at a little more or less than 90 degrees it will not. You can pour a glass of water onto a window and it will disperse into thousands of drops. But if the window is angled out the water will only touch the top, and if it is angled in then other factors like the amount of water and the porousness of the surface come into play.

b) Blood is both cohesive and viscous relative to most liquids. It will disperse easily in larger quantities but not in smaller ones. A small drop of blood will not easily disperse into smaller drops when deposited naturally.

c) The jacket is soft cotton denim, highly porous. For drops to disperse they would need to have dispersed before they touched the denim. A tiny drop of blood would not strike the denim then become four smaller drops each progressively further from the source in a straight line. In other words the four stains were dispersed before they touched the jacket.

So here is what we have.

1) A crime scene tech who seems motivated to convict Met and point evidence away from others. Both his actions in processing evidence and his comments as a witness make this clear.

2) Blood stains that, if they really existed, were probably not fresh, were not on a part of the jacket that you would expect them to be on, and were arranged in a linear pattern that is not consistent with how tiny drops of blood would disperse under the conditions of the crime.

A linear pattern as if dropped by gravity or deposited by "throwing" as when you shake an old style fountain pen or lab pipette. The tech said there were 4 stains and they were obviously deposited together.

Try to take a small amount of high viscosity liquid and deposit it in 4 linear drops on a denim surface held at various angles. It is next to impossible unless you do it fountain pen style.

It isn't consistent in any way with the crime scene.

It isn't consistent in any way with the confession.

It is consistent with other evidence suggesting that the FBI and police cooked evidence.