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Female school bully abusing & attacking boy with special needs

Translation from reddit user lettice
It begins with the young man saying "I don't hit lassies" (lassies is slang for girls, the singular being lassie or 'lass' the further south you go. 'Lassie' is a uniquely scottish variation).

Jolene to friend off camera: "he's a spastic" (derogatory term for someone with learning disabilities). "He actually is, he can't even speak right, unintelligible ...

boy: "I don't hit lassies though."

Jolene: "you're shiteing yourself Man/Matt(?) I can tell you're fucking shiteing yourself. Yes you are I can tell you're shiteing yourself. People do that -"

other girl: "Jolene, I need to get home so if you're going to hit the boy - hit him."

Jolene: "alright. Fucking bint, you something something and then I'm going to hit you. Done."

He refuses

other girl: "Right, well Jolene I'm walking home - if you're going to hit him, hit him."


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