My Dog Ate My Weed Butter

A small glob of THC coconut oil melted in my hand quickly while handling it, dribbled down the back of my hand and on the kitchen floor and before I could stop him he licked it up and this is the hilarious result.
Don't worry ..... after this I fed him pieces of my steak dinner and let him sleep on my pillow for the night so he was extra well taken care of after I stopped recording :,D

Edit:To all the haters, I love you like your parents never did

To all the people that thought this was genuinely funny and aren't assuming malicious intent I love you too

Edit: Since I have a load of personal messages from brand new accounts threatening subpoenas this and ASPCA and police that

AND a SHIT load of genuinely hateful and ignorant comments from people who know nothing and will copy/paste anything to fit their argument
(because god knows you can prove someone wrong on the internet)

Just wanted to say thanks to the few out there who leave genuine snarky snappy original Live Leak humor comments that make my day :D
100,000 views in less than 24 hrs...I'm happy and the next morning Rasko was back to his normal self (after drinking an entire water bowl LOL)


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