March Against Monsanto descends on Monsanto's lobbying office

On the 25th of May, there were March against Monsanto events all over
Turtle Island and elsewhere. One of them was here in DC, a march from
the White House to Monsanto, to the Washinton Post, and back. The march
stretched for three blocks in the streets, it was the largest protest
ever in DC against GMO foods.

A "Die-in" in front of Monsanto's door symbolized food poisoning. It also symoblized the wholesale destruction of honeybees by Monsanto's insecticide-producing crops. One speaker explained how Monsanto stopped a beekeeper from digging into this by arranging to have all theuir hives seized by the state for suposed infection with a bacterium they did not have. In response beekeepers in that area have largely been driven underground, never registering their colonies so they don't end up in Monsanto's basement.

The march was expected, the doors were locked and the office closed for the weekend, foreclosing on any opportunities to storm the building. On the other hand, the march contained a number of families with small children, who could not have safely participated in a storming of Monsanto. Every tool in the toolbox has its place.