High School Fight Leads to Two Arrests

6 p.m. Report 1/10
Cell Phone Video JACKSONVILLE, FL -- A fight after school ended at Mandarin High led to two arrests. But cell phone video sent to First Coast News from a student shows one of the suspects didn't go quietly.

The incident began Wednesday afternoon when a large fight broke out on school grounds.

Police say a school resource officer went to detain the student suspected of starting the fight when the student pulled away, telling the officer "get your hands off me."

Police say the officer then pinned the suspect to the wall. Authorities say the student pushed the officer back and began to swing his fists.

The suspect never hit the officer, but a member of school security had to step in to help handcuff the student.

Cell phone video shows the melee and the crowd that gathered to watch.

Police say the student faces misdemeanour assault charges.

After the arrest, the vice principal tried to contain the crowd when police say a 16 year old student elbowed her in the head.

The student told police he never hit the vice principal with his elbow.

He said he might have bumped her while walking through the crowd.

Police arrested him and released him to his parents. He is facing felony battery charges.


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