Matador Lorenzo Sanchez Gored By Bull

"Thrusting his sword forward while screaming at the animal in the ring with him, bullfighter Lorenzo Sanchez looked poised to finish off his bloodied opponent.

But just moments later, it was the Spaniard knocking on death's door as he was hoisted into the air and tossed around like a rag doll.

As a nervous crowd looked on in Madrid's Las Ventas bullring, the desperate animal gored the matador, piercing his chest and leg in a frenzied attack.

At one point Sanchez is suspended upside down, blood dripping from his face, as the bull's horn is buried in his left leg.

After being dumped on to the ground, the animal attempts to finish him off and digs its horn digs into his chest as he howls in pain."

Good job Bull.