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Reposted For Comments...OWS SHUT DOWN; What YT & Wall Street didnt want you to see
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Looking at the OP's tags you have to laugh at the irony that he whines about free speech for violent leftist cult followers and neo nazis...while at the same time denying speech of any kind because he has blocked everyone on Liveleak...LMFAO @ fascist left wing morons!


Yet another blow to Liberty, Freedom & Freedom of Speech..This Coincides with the Shut down of RT News, on You Tube for 8 Hours..

NYPD shut down OWS protest on 6 month anniversaryCourtesy:
More on the story

A number of OWS protesters have reportedly been arrested and several
injured at Zuccotti Park in Manhattan during celebrations of the
movement's six-month anniversary. Police broke up the peaceful rally
that had gathered almost 600 people to OWS' founding

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